Having spent his formative years in the rural mountains of Vermont, Gregory spent many a dark and wintry night shoveling the driveway, and many a sweltering summer day swatting at mosquitoes. Upon coming to the stark realization that his passion had far outgrown his skill when it came to playing basketball, he turned from the court to the other place he felt like he belonged: the stage.


He went on to earn a BA in Theatre Arts with a minor in English from the University of Vermont, which helped to foster his love for Shakespeare. Not long after he graduated, he was fortunate enough to be hired by the American Shakespeare Center, where over the course of 12 years, he performed in over 80 productions, including 32 plays from Shakespeare’s canon. 

Gregory now lives and works in NYC where he is usually performing and growing with his friends at Hedgepig Theatre Ensemble, recording and playing music, teaching, being a history nerd, and cuddling the nearest puppy dog.

Gregory Jon Phelps Resume 2020 Take3 pdf